Our consultants are regularly contacted by both candidates and clients who have been recommended to us by others. Apart from being good for business this is also a strong endorsement that we are providing a valued and trusted service.

As a token of appreciation for these recommendations we have established a referral scheme to reward your kind gesture of promoting our services. If you have any friends, colleagues or clients who could benefit from speaking with us, whether they are currently looking for a new job or would simply like to discuss their own hiring needs then please put them in touch with your consultant or email their details to [email protected]

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One of of our consultants will be in contact with you soon.

Not only will you be guaranteeing that they get the best recruitment advice in the market but if we are successful in finding them a new role or we fill an new position then you will qualify for vouchers between the values of £500 and £5000* by way of a thank you.

* Refer to terms and conditions


High flying professionals deserve high flying incentives. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you chose the Sandgate Passport as your preferred reward.

In the form of travel vouchers we can offer you holidays to a wide range of UK, European and worldwide destinations. It’s amazing how the promise of doing nothing on a beach can motivate people to spread the Sandgate word.

Retail Cards & Vouchers

Simply choose one big name retailer from our unrivalled choice that can be spent at over 200 redeeming brands and counting, and we’ll send you the store-specific vouchers to spend on whatever you wish. Or choose lots of different stores and mix and match as you go. Either way, you’ll find our Single Store Cards & Vouchers are simple to implement, straightforward to administer and easy to use.


When we reward someone, you want them to remember it. Some people might remember a shopping voucher. Some people might remember a discounted drill. But everyone remembers driving a Ferrari at 120 miles per hour. A Sandgate Experience reward gives unforgettable experiences and activity days all over the UK.

It could be racing a powerboat in the sea. It could be taking a flying lesson in the sky. Or it could be taking a cooking class in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless, with Experiences to suit every level of adrenaline or relaxation – from flat out round a track to flat out on a massage table.

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