In the world’s current unprecedented economic state, organisations face increased challenges to manage risks and comply with laws, regulations and internal policies, and to do so cost effectively whilst generating stable and sustainable returns for their shareholders and to society at large.

Regulators have identified corporate governance as a key driver in delivering outcomes and as a good indicator of a firm’s culture of compliance and accountability. Culture and ethics are firmly in the regulatory, media and political spotlight and are likely to remain there.

At Sandgate we are a trusted advisor to some of the world’s leading organisations where we have helped them attract, engage and retain some of the very best Company Secretaries and corporate governance professionals.

Successful appointments:

Company Secretary

Company: Retail Bank
Location: London
Salary: £175,000

Assistant Company Secretary

Company: Retailer
Location: London
Salary: £120,000

Director of Corporate Governance

Company: Insurance PLC
Location: Manchester
Salary: £125,000

Head of Secretariat

Company: Energy PLC
Location: Thames Valley
Salary: £150,000

Financial Services, Energy & Natural Resources, IT, Telecoms & Media, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Consumer & Retail, Construction & Infrastructure

Practice Areas:
Company Secretarial, Corporate/Board Governance, Information Reporting, Anti-Money Laundering, Best Practice, Listing Rules, Compliance and Regulation

Who we recruit:
Company Secretary, Assistant Company Secretary, Head of Corporate Governance, Head of Operations, Board & Public Affairs Manager, Head of Information Reporting, Compliance Directors, Compliance Officers, Data Protection Officers, AML Officers

Professional Advisory Firms:
Clients include Law Firms, the Big 4 & Top 10 Accountancy firms as well as boutique/specialist advisory firms who are expanding their compliance advisory practices.

Law Firms:
Our law firm clients include US, Magic Circle, Silver Circle, Legal 100, International, Regional and boutique law firms.

Financial Services:
Retail Banks, Commercial Banks, Consumer Credit, Credit Cards, Payment Service Providers, E-Money, Insurance, Mortgages, Life & Pensions, Brokerage, Wealth Management, Investment Management

Commerce & Industry:
We partner with globally-leading FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as SMEs, joint ventures, start-ups and regulators engaged in the Energy & Natural Resources, IT, Telecoms & Media, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Consumer & Retail, Construction & Infrastructure sectors.

Clients include numerous state governmental and quasi-governmental businesses both domestically and internationally.

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